Since the creation of the Foundation and in accordance with the guidelines set by our Board of Trustees we have designed, implemented and collaborated on innovative social intervention projects and programmes. We have already consolidated various agreements with entities related to our value framework in order to carry out new projects and achieve stable alliances and sustainable strategies that contribute to achieve our purposes.

We currently work together with:

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    We accompany families to promote positive changes in society as a whole. We are aware of their crucial role in the education of children and in the transmission of healthy values ​​and behaviors.

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    We are committed to the self-determination of people with disabilities. We try to sensitize society to strengthen their active participation and bring about true social change.

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    We promote the social recognition of older people and encourage their social representation through their own self-determination, involvement, integrity and personal values.

    We want to avoid their loneliness and situations of vulnerability, as well as prevent their dependence and improve their well-being and quality of life.

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    We create spaces for their participation and commitment to facilitate their integration into the host society. We aim to create shared values ​​through an equal dialogue in order to achieve a true transformation of society towards a more just world.

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    We strengthen the active participation of women by supporting their empowerment process towards their own goals and encourage them to participate and plan their lives according to their needs.